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Download my 224-page bestselling book Social Mastery RISK FREE for 60-days and discover the proven, step-by-step tactics for meeting, attracting and keeping women in your life. Read More…



Take Advanced Live Training Workshop

magic-workshopTake a live bootcamp training session where we take you out to lounges and bars to fine-tune your game down to the smallest detail. You won’t believe how fast your life can change. Read More…


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Thank You Magic!! I Found The One For Me After Training, Now I Am Married To Her!


Pulled A Girl Within A Week Of The Boot Camp! Also Had A Same Night Lay In Vegas Two Weeks later!


Since my boot camp I've added 4 new girls to my roster/rotation and had a threesome. Magic is a really cool guy and a great coach. A normal instructor who I could actually bring out to hang out with my social circle and not creep them out. What I really enjoyed about working with him was that his shit was NORMAL and he wasn't a fraud. I'm telling everyone to take his program before he either raises his prices or just says 'fuck it' and decides to take his talent to something else.


I finished my 1 on 1, 3 weeks ago and since then I have had a same night lay (SNL), a date, a few future dates setup, a few make-outs within a few minutes of meeting the girls, and more numbers than I've gotten in a 3 week period.  I HIGHLY recommend Magic, words cannot describe it, he is not just a great instructor, but a great person and truly cares how each of his clients progress.


I used most of Magics, kino techniques, they all were effective. I was really shock when i told the girl to pull her pants down and how easy it was to get her to do this....

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Attraction Method’s results-driven training has developed around the fact that attracting women into your life is about changing habits, behaviors and creating a receptive lifestyle instead of relying on counter-productive routines, lines, gimmicks or self-help woo woo mumbo jumbo. It’s about conquering your insecurities while improving your social skills with proven methods for a dating life filled with the women of your choice.

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