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Social Circle Dating DVD 1.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 2.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 3.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 4.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 5.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 6.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 7.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 8.
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Social Circle Dating DVD 9.
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Bonus 1 E-Book: How To Have Threesome With Two Women
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Bonus 2 Dating Women From Work Place And School DVD
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Bonus 3 How To Date Strippers DVD
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Thank you so much for sharing your videos. I actually ended up getting an One Night Stand right afterwatching your DVDs. Seemed to work really well haha. My handle is XXX if you want to read the report. Please let me know what you schedule is going to be like afteryou return from visiting your family. I'd really like to schedule one of your training sessions. Thanks again,

- Chris



I got laid, for the first time in months. And she was cute and super in to me. I can give more details if there's questions, but this one had a lot to do with the techniques I learnt from watching your DVD. Thank you for such awesome and life changing information!

- Steve



Things have been going pretty well. I pulled off a Same Night Lay last night, I'm feeling good, my confidence is coming back, and its all because of you man, I can't thank you enough.

- Casey

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"Pulled her home from work...."

Things are starting to come together. I met one girl from work, she actually works at a different store but was just there to help for a couple of days. After we talked for a while I got her phone number. We exchanged a few messages and she ended up inviting me to this bar were she knew several people. We hung out there for a while talking to some of her friends and just hanging out. After talking about the new xbox Kinect games where you don't need a controller to play, she ended up coming over to check it out. Since there are no controllers it works great for kino escalation! Never thought a video game would help me get laid!

Denver, Colorado

"Had sex with the chick in a public bathroom..."

I felt liberated. I went on a first date two days later and had sex with the chick in a public bathroom - with no lies, no bullshitting, and no LMR. The connection is awesome: she texts and calls me back, she invites me into her social circle, and for the first time in years, I have to say, I started a relationship on the right foot. I absolutely love your dating advice.It's holistic, authentic,and absolutely works.

New York, New York

"Had my first major success last night with a chick from Columbia University"

I had my first major success last night. A lot of what happened last night was being in the right place at the right time, but I was able to successfully use the 3 Levels of Kino to get a significant make out last night. Brief recap of what happened, I was at a meetup/networking party last night and saw a girl sitting on the bench kind of by herself looking at her phone. I just rolled in and started chatting with her and found her to be very friendly.

Essentially, she was originally from Colombia but was here in New York completing her Masters Level studies. After chatting for about an hour, I suggested we bounce to another location and she said ok. Up to this point, I had only done Level 1 Kino but did not see a real opportunity to go for Level 2 and beyond. At the next bar, we each had a glass of wine and continued the conversation. We were sitting with legs firmly touching for most the of the time. After finishing our drinks, we decided to go for sheesha and dancing at a nearby spot.

After the music at this next spot starting getting good, we started dancing, and I moved from Level 1 (arms around the shoulder) to Level 2 (arms around the waist) and started really dancing with her. I would occassionally kiss on the ear, shoulder, back of neck, etc. After a bit of this, she turned around and we started making out. Throughout the rest of the night, it was a lot of dancing and making out.