Past Clients

Here are a small sample of clients that we’ve worked with in the past. You can read the case studies and/or watch their testimonials below. You can experience similar results by downloading my book Social Mastery and especially by taking my live coaching programs.

Client: Will

Analysis: Will was little de-motivated with all the bad pick up information he was exposed to. He felt going out to meeting women was hard work. He was tired of false coaches passing bad information. He also needed help with fashion needed to learn how to incorporate pick up as part of life.

Solution: I did an extensive confidence and inner game session. Got him to get sexual with women and showed him how he can integrate pick up into his life. Finally I worked on his fashion and he was set to go.

Effect: Will added 4 women in his life within a month of training and had a threesome on the New Years Eve. He now feels comfortable with his new lifestyle. He does not work hard any more to draw women he meets them naturally. Read Will’s full testimony here.

Client: Chris

Analysis: Chris is a very good looking guy. He was decent with women because of his looks but he was falling into boyfriend zone with every woman. He wanted to have one night stands but women wanted to hold back so they can become his girlfriend.

Solution: I realized that we had to break the pattern where women were attracted to Chris because of his looks. I trained him to turn women on sexually so they desire him out of lust and not looks.

Effect: Chris ended up having a Same Night Lay right after the session. He now gets consistent One Night Stands. He now coaches at one of Los Angeles’s biggest pick up artist forum.

Client: Nick

Analysis: Nick was truly challenged with social calibration. He came across very intimidating because he was a big guy. He got some training in the past and the coach made him aggressive to the point where he was getting banned from clubs. His behavior was hurting his friends when he hung out with them.

Solution: I realized that Nick needed to get rid of his sexual aggressiveness and become friendlier. I trained him to build comfort with women and hold onto getting sexual.

Effect: He had his first One Night Stand right after the workshop. He has had many more since the workshop. He is now well calibrated and getting good success.

Client: Mark

Analysis: Mark had severe approach anxiety. He used to rely on alcohol to meet women. He had taken training from other companies but didn’t get any real results.

Solution: I got him past his approach anxiety by making him approach lot of beautiful women and getting him sexual with them.

Effect: He ended up having two one night stands within a week of training and now consistently sleeps with beautiful women.

Client: Pure

Analysis: Coming from an ethnic background Pure was uncomfortable to approach and seduce women. He had severe anxiety and could not approach women successfully.

Solution: I had to create a new belief system for him during the three day session. I fixed his body language and tonality. I showed him how to get sexual with women through using T.E.A.S.E.

Effect: He ended up having his first One Night Stand within a week of training. He now meets and dates women on regular basis.

Client: Rain

Analysis: When I first met Rain. He had really bad body language and poor tonality as a result of dating advice he got from a leading pick up company. He was extremely shy. Women used to ask him to walk away even before he could start speaking.

Solution: I fixed his body language and tonality. Pushed him past his shyness and taught him to get sexual with women.

Effect: While I was working on his body language and tonality an extremely good looking woman approached him and asked if he was a model. He mentioned this has never happened to him before. He ended up pulling a woman home from the workshop.

Client: Jeremy

Analysis: Jeremy was very shy and a poor conversationalist.

Solution: I taught him few conversation techniques and techniques on how to instantly get sexual with women.

Effect: He made out with two sisters at the same time during the training session. Almost pulled a woman home and has been extremely successful with women since then.

Client: Chris

Analysis: Chris had approach anxiety, was not sexual at all and had a poor belief system. His fashion was also misplaced.

Solution: I got Chris past his approach anxiety and taught him to get sexual with women. I also got him a fashion makeover.

Effect: Chris ended up having a one night stand with a woman he met at the Playboy Mansion. He now runs his own seduction company in New York.

Client: Brian

Analysis: When I met Brian he had severe anxiety when it came to approaching women. He had zero confidence which reflected in his body language.

Solution: I worked on his inner confidence and fixed his body language. I took him out and helped him overcome his approach anxiety.

Effect: By the end of the session Brian was a confident guy who could open and get sexual with women everywhere he met them.

Client: Vadim

Analysis: Vadim had severe anxiety. He could not even say hello to women. He had taken workshops from other companies in the past which gave him bad habits and techniques. He had poor body language and his fashion needed major help.

Solution: I had to change Vadim’s belief system. I showed him how things are done and pushed him hard to get past his approach anxiety. I gave him a new look based on his lifestyle and trained him to get sexual with women.

Effect: He ended up having a one night stand, his first one ever, right after the workshop.

Client: Greg

Analysis: Greg was too shy and not sexual around women at all. He needed a major push to build comfort around women.

Solution: I made Greg approach multiple women. I taught him to get women turned on using his touch.

Effect: Greg ended up pulling a girl home from the workshop. He has since then dated many women.

Client: Alan

Analysis: Alan had problem with body language, animation and tonality. He was too playful and never got sexual with women.

Solution: I fixed his T.E.A.S.E and got him sexual with women.

Effect: There was an instant change in how women responded to him. He ended up making out with a woman during the session. He is now comfortable to approach and get sexual with women and has an idea to build a lifestyle that will draw women.

Client: Casey

Analysis: Casey had severe approach anxiety. He ended up taking anxiety medications when he came to the workshop. He was very judgmental and that was preventing him from succeeding with women.

Solution: I made him take personality test to help him reach a realization that he was judgmental and how this was hurting his game. I then trained him to approach and get sexual with women using T.E.A.S.E

Effect: he ended up dating a model within first week of training.

Client: Matt

Analysis: Matt had confidence issues. He did not have clarity in his life. He was unclear about his dating goals as well.

Solution: We did an extensive confidence building session. I then took him out to practice with women.

Effect: He ended up losing his virginity after the session.

Client: Suresh

Analysis: Coming from India, Suresh had very little understanding of what women want in the western culture. His lifestyle and mannerisms were unattractive to women. In addition he was very afraid to approach women.

Solution: I helped him understand the seduction process in the western world. I fixed his body language and tonality. I gave him a makeover and pushed him past his comfort zone.

Effect: On the second night of the workshop he was the life of the party. He was able to kiss and get women’s phone number. He is now ready to take on the dating world by a storm.