• Victor

    Los Angeles, California

    “I almost got laid after watching the first video alone. The only reason I couldn't take the girl home with me was because her boyfriend showed up just as we were getting ready to leave! That's right! The girl had a boyfriend all along, but the attraction that I generated from T.E.A.S.E was so strong that she didn't even bring him up.

  • Anthony G

    Los Angeles, California

    I can’t believe this. It is only six days since I finished learning your system and I already made out with a perfect 10 last night! Thank you for this! This has never happened before! I already feel successful and confident!”

  • Jackie

    Woman from Seminar

    “I love the videos, and the touching of the hair! I get goose bumps when people touch my ears! would probably fall for a guy if he did that to me!

  • Prakash Dubey

    Washington, D.C.

    “Your opener alone justifies the price of this system! ‘VH1 Pick Up Artist’ and ‘The Game’ had completely ruined it for me. I was called out multiple times on my openers! Now with your opener, this is resolved for me!

  • Chris

    “Magic, thank you so much for sharing your videos. I actually ended up having a one night stand right after watching your videos.

  • Sai Manohar

    “I made love with a girl who was my long-time friend! With my new look and aggressiveness,I’m finally out of the friend zone. You changed my life!”

  • George

    “Hi Magic, I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned from you so far. I've read 'Social Mastery', watched the videos, and had a 30 minute phone call with you. All of this has made a big difference. I had my first 'back to back' two weeks ago where I slept with two different girls for the first time. One of them was 25, which is really the age category I find myself attracted to (I'm 32). Thanks for everything!”

  • Cole

    “I tried several aspects of your strategies for one night at a dance club to see what would happen. After about 2 hours, I realized that I could have slept with at least 5 or 6 girls just that night. It was ridiculous. And then I ran into a gorgeous 5'10" eastern bloc model with strawberry blonde hair and amazing bone structure named Natalia. I used various techniques from your system. The next thing I knew she was dragging me outside to hail a cab back to her loft.”

  • Ivan

    After starting to learn your system, I had a girl take me home that weekend and then another two weeks later! While I'm slowly learning all you teach, I think your system gave me the confidence to push through my social barriers that had built up, such as being more physical sooner, more playful, and showing more direct interest. Thanks, keep up the amazing work and fresh perspective on the game.”

  • James

    “Everything you teach about dating and seduction works. I met this girl at a mall. We decided to hang out the next day. She texted me the next day to confirm if we were still on for the date. This has never happened to me before. She was nervous and told me that she never goes out with random guys on a date. I told her that I was nervous as well and then took her hand and put it on my chest to feel my heartbeat (I got this from your video). She was so turned on that she started kissing me and man it was awesome! She gave me the best kisses I ever got. She was licking my neck, ears and was kissing me wildly. She even caught my manhood and she could not stop herself. I took her to my place right after this.”

  • Kim

    “I want to thank you. Your system changed my life, and it is still on going. I live in Korea, and it still works here. I've been practicing with your stuff. I had succeeded with the 10s. Not even 9s, not 9.5s, but 10s. Friends are amused of what I've done and doing. Recently I met this '10' girl, who is an actress. Of course, she is beautiful, and I wanted to know her better as I met her again and again. We've been dating for about a month. We ended up making out, and I didn't go any further than that. After that I walked her home, and said goodbye. I’m happy that we are going to be in a relationship.”